Hands-on, inquiry-based math lessons are an integral part of the student day.  Students are given opportunities to work with large group activities, small group activities, as well as individual one-on-one instruction to learn math concepts.  Students work to rote count, recognize numbers, sequence numbers, count sets of objects, familiarize with patterns, learn colors/shapes, sort objects, etc.  Students are introduced to the concepts of measurement and the passage of time.  

STEM activities are introduced every other week and are then placed in the STEM center. These activities are then available for students to explore during center time.  These include but are not limited to such things as:  puzzles, tangrams, KEVA blocks, castle blocks, K-Nex, teacher created materials, etc.  

Parents and students are encouraged to work on at-home activities.  Students will be given homework to review skills introduced in the Scott Foresman mathematics program.  These at home activities are "kid friendly" and provide families with the materials to practice skills together at home.  As these activities are returned students will receive a prize for their hard work.