Possible Snowstorm February 1, 2021 Update Here

Dear Parents and Students:
We are supposed to have a major snowstorm starting Sunday through Monday and into Tuesday. Therefore, | am delaying the hybrid return until Thursday, February 4th, Please make
no mistake, | believe and am committed to returning students to our in-person learning environment. | believe the students are losing out on the education and social growth if we continue to remain totally online. We have made strides with the online learning process but have a need for growth before it can compare to an in-person delivery method.

With the possibility of a major snow event, | must do my best for the safety of the students. Since this will be our first run at a hybrid model, | am delaying the start of this model to Thursday, February 4". | do not wish to send bus drivers out on snowy roads because they will need to concentrate on which stops they are to make and not make with the hybrid model. | know the storm may or may not happen as predicted, but we are this close to returning and | am not willing to push the envelope just to return on specific day. | believe most of you will appreciate knowing now instead of waiting until Sunday night or early Monday morning.
Please remember that all elementary students will return on Thursday, February 4th and B group students for the high school/middle school will also return on Thursday, February 4".
We were already scheduled to be online on Wednesday, February 3rd which is the reason for waiting until Thursday. | am fully aware there are those who will agree and those who will disagree with the decision. Regardless of which side you are on, | would repeat that | believe and am committed to the return to some type of in-person education for our students. | firmly believe “children are the only hope the human race truly has.”

Educationally yours,
Hervey P Hann
Interim Superintendent

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