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Alicia Mellott

Alicia Mellott
Elementary Principal

Hello Families and Visitors,


Welcome to McConnellsburg Elementary School!  We are so excited to have entered into the new school year at MES.   


We welcome back our 530 students, some of them new, and our wonderful teaching and support staff.  We have experienced several grade level teacher changes for the new school year.  Mrs Denise Mellott is now teaching second grade.  Mrs Elaina Buterbaugh has moved for one year to fourth grade.  Also joining us in fourth grade is Mrs Kori Baines, who was previously at McConnellsburg Middle School.  And finally, Mrs Mary Buterbaugh has moved from fourth grade to fifth grade.  We are excited about these changes and hope you will welcome them to their new assignments!


We are so proud to be able to announce that we have 1:1 devices for all of our second through fifth grade students for online instructional experiences.  Our online platforms serve to complement our traditional learning resources and written curriculum, which is aligned to the PA Core.    Our classroom and liberal arts teachers will continue to focus this year on STEM related activities while continuing to place an emphasis on grade level and individual learning expectations for mathematics and english language arts. We are excited to be starting our own STEAM lab with Mrs Mary Buterbaugh this school year.  Our vision is for our students to become proficient readers, writers and thinkers in a continuously evolving world. Our goal across the Central Fulton School District is to facilitate the growth of our students as collaborators, caring citizens, creators, contributors, communicators, and critical thinkers while remaining culturally and career minded.


We continue our emphasis on cultivating responsible decision makers in our student learners.  This year we are putting an emphasis on spreading kindness.  We reward such positive initiatives with a school wide positive behavior program.  We offer our students the opportunity to earn daily, weekly, marking period and year end behavior rewards.   We are setting examples as accepting, encouraging and kind school citizens!  KIND is our new COOL!!


We welcome our families into our school as visitors during grandparents day, book fairs, holiday lunches and special program days.  We also love for family members to volunteer in our classrooms, with appropriate state mandated clearances.


I look forward to a productive and successful year with ALL of our children.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s educational experience at McConnellsburg Elementary.


Go Spartans!!


Mrs Alicia Mellott



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